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Current and Recent Courses and Syllabi

Theses Supervised


  • Richard Greydanus, “’All that Man Has and Is:’ A Study of the Historiographical Concerns Guiding the Work of Christopher Dawson”—Defended October 2008.
  • Carlos Bovell, “Rhetoric More Geometrico in Proclus’ Elements of Theology and Boethius’ De Hebdomadibus” Defended November 2007.
  • Michael Mols, “Bernard of Clairvaux on the Song of Songs: A Contemporary Encounter with Contemplative Aspirations” Defended November 2007.
  • Yvana Mols, “Weil, Truth and Life: Simone Weil and Ancient Pedagogy as a Way of Life” Defended August 2007.
  • Stephan Zylstra, “Teleology in the Thought of William of Ockham” Defended July 2007.
  • Jon Zeyl, “Michel Foucault’s ascesis and the Christian technique de soi.’s Defended August 2006.
  • Eric Kamphof, “The Tri-unity of Life: On the Unity of the Vollenhovian Project” Defended October 2004.
  • Yorick Schultz-Wackerbarth, “Discovering Connection: The Dynamic Tension and a ‘More-Than’ in an Eckhartian Conception of the Soul” Defended April 2004
  • Michael De Moor, “Not Ideas About the Thing but the Thing Itself: Thomas Reid’s Epistemology in the Light of Aristotle’s De Anima Defended October 2003.
  • Yana Filippenko, “The Metaphor of Language in St. Augustine’s Philosophy of Imago Dei” Defended November 2000.
  • Chris Cuthill, “Mutilated Music: Towards an After Auschwitz Aesthetic” Defended November 1999


  • Adam Barkman, “The Philosophical Christianity of C.S. Lewis: Its Sources, Content and Formation”—Defended June 2009.


  • Andrea Budgey, “Diversity as Religious Good in Late Medieval England: Uthred of Bolden’s Diversitas vivendi in Context”—(Trinity), Approved 2006.
  • Pauline Head, “’I would be One of Them and Suffer With Him’: Relationship, Sin and Redemption in Julian of Norwich’s Theology of the Trinity”—(Trinity), Approved 2004
  • Henry MacErlain OESA, “Presuppositions to Education According to St. Augustine on Religious Education”—(St. Michael’s), Approved 2004
  • Colin Kerr, “The Human Author in the Exegesis of St. Augustine’s Early Episcopate”—(St. Michael’s), Approved October 2002.
  • Jeremy Bergen, “The Politics of History in John Milbank’s Use of Augustine’s City of God”—(St. Michael’s), Approved October 2002.


  • Kevin Vaughan, “Thomas Aquinas’ Mystical Interpretation of the Fourth Gospel in the Lectura Super Ioannem”—(St. Michael’s), Defended January 2009.
  • Michael Dempsey, “Fully Human, Fully Divine: “The Mystery of Divine Providence in the Theology of Thomas Aquinas and Karl Barth” Ph.D. (St. Michael’s), Defended September 2003.