Edith van der Boom
Director, MA (Phil) in Educational Leadership (MA-EL)
Assistant Professor of Philosophy of Education and Practice of Pedagogy
“The growth of any craft depends on shared practice and honest dialogue among the people who do it.”
–Parker Palmer

“What we have to learn to do, we learn by doing.” 

“A great coach never achieves greatness for himself or his team by working to make all his players alike. To be great, and to have his players great, he must make each player the best that he or she possibly can be.”
–Carol Ann Tomlinson

“Education is not filling a bucket, but lighting a fire.” 
–William B. Yeats

“The body is a unit though it is made up of many parts: and though all its parts are many they form one body.”
 –I Corintians12:12
My philosophy of education is rooted in the belief that each student is uniquely created by God and that education should celebrate both diversity and community. I believe that Christian schools need to be places of inclusive education where solid foundations are provided for all students both spiritually and academically. Learning should be an experience that brings joy and a sense of belonging for students in a class that integrates academic and social-emotional learning. I believe that instruction should be engaging and differentiated in a way that both challenges and meets the needs of each student.
The Master of Arts in Philosophy in Educational Leadership (MA-EL) Program at ICS provides educators with the opportunity to develop their thinking and pedagogy through Biblically-based teaching. It allows them to develop the gifts that they have in the context of their practice. The program encourages educators to design innovative classrooms to provide opportunities that develop skills through active learning and connecting skills to a real-life context.
This graduate program embraces a growth mindset in each student’s journey of learning. As such it motivates students to seek out new challenges, to be inspired by the success of others, to persist when they encounter stumbling blocks, and to develop a lifelong love of learning. In doing so, we help students discover how they can best use their God-given talents and gifts in service to the Lord.

My Research Foci
  • Inclusive Education
  • Differentiated Instruction
  • Special Education
  • Inquiry-Based Learning
  • Deeper Learning

My Bio

I completed my doctoral studies at the University of Toronto in Developmental Psychology and Education. The focus of my research was on examining the differences in reading comprehension skill profiles among struggling adolescent readers based on their status of having a Learning Disability (LD) and/or being an English Language Learner. It was my goal to contribute to the understanding of struggling readers to in turn inform school and classroom practices. 
I have had extensive experience in both the public and Christian school systems in Ontario -- as a classroom teacher, a Special Education Coordinator, and a Director of Learning. My work has focused on supporting the implementation of differentiated instruction as a means to create inclusive learning environments, inquiry-based learning, and providing professional development and support through all-day sessions, professional learning communities, and instructional coaching.