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Current and Recent Courses and Syllabi
Theses Directed at ICS

  • Mark Novak, Incarnating the God Who May Be: Christology and Incarnational Humanism in Bonhoeffer and Kearney, 2017
  • Godfrey Nkongolo, UJAMAAA Gift from Tanzania to Africa: A Critique of Current Social and Political Systems in Africa and a Critical Exploration of UJAMAA as an Alternative, 2017
  • Timothy Skulstad-Brown, Retrieving Political Desire: Learning from Simon Critchley's Account of Political Motivation, 2017
  • Héctor Acero Ferrer, Liberating Tradition: An Exploration of Liberation Theology through the Lens of Paul Ricoeur's Hermeneutics, 2017
  • Matthew Johnson, Liberating Emergence: Human Dependence and Autonomy in Emergentism, Hermeneutics, and Pragmatism, 2014
  • Andrew Tebbutt, Action, Love, and the World: An Inquiry into the Political Relevance of Christian Charity (with constant reference to Hannah Arendt), 2013
  • Nathan Bonney, The Risk of Hospitality: Selfhood, Otherness, and Ethics in Deconstruction and Phenomenological Hermeneutics, 2012
  • Ryan Euverman, Pumping Intuitions and Making Practice Different: Richard Rorty's 'Intuitive' Account of Reference and Truth, 2010
  • Joseph Tang, Before or Outside the Text? A Comparative Study of Jean-Luc Marion and Paul Ricoeur's Idea of Revelation, 2010
  • Christopher J.M. D'Angelo, Written into the Land: Use, Identity, and the Human Awakening to an Eloquent Creation, 2009
  • Paul Hubble, A Certainty of Death: Appreciating Human Animalhood, 2009
  • Sara L. Gerritsma, From Paradox to Possibility: Gauging the Unique Contribution of Christian Voices to the Public Discussion of Ecological Crisis, 2008
  • Christopher R. Allers, Taking Hannah Arendt to Church: Toward a Renewed Appreciation of the Mutuality between Moral Philosophy and Religious Life and Culture" 2007.