Clinton Stockwell

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MDiv, ThD, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary

MA, MUPP, PhD, University of Illinois

MLA, University of Chicago

DMin, Chicago Theological Seminary

MWS, Institute for Christian Studies

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Greetings, I am Clinton Stockwell, and I am an adjunct professor for the Institute for Christian Studies. My varied academic background includes graduate study in history- with an urban concentration; urban planning, classics, worldview studies, and theological studies. I began my graduate study journey in New Orleans in the 1970s at the University of New Orleans (history and urban planning) and the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary (MDiv and ThD). I moved to Chicago in 1981 to participate in the year-round SCUPE urban studies program for seminarians. While in Chicago, I attended the University of Illinois at Chicago (MA; MUPP, and PhD); the University of Chicago (MLA); and the Chicago Theological Seminary (DMin). As a crowning apex of my educational journey, I finished the Masters of Worldview Studies (MWS) program at the Institute of Christian Studies in 2013. This degree provided for me faith-based linkages and connections to my other academic experiences that allowed me to better integrate faith and understanding.

Since 1981, I have worked in several academic urban studies programs, including the Seminary Consortium for Urban Pastoral Education (SCUPE); the Institute of the Church in Urban Industrial Society (ICUIS); and the Community Renewal Society (Center for Public Ministry (CPM)). Most recently, I was the Director of “Chicago Semester”, an urban internship program for college undergraduates from 1999-2014. At Chicago Semester, we explored urban realities through the lens of experiential educational methodologies and a Reformed worldview. Currently, I am an Adjunct Professor at National Louis University (Chicago campus) and the Institute. At NLU, I teach courses in sociology, urban studies and public policy, including courses on Education Reform and the Culture of Chicago. At the Institute for Christian Studies I teach the following courses: “Leadership: Vision and Mission”; “Wisdom and Schooling,” and “They Looked for a City: Images of the City from Ancient Biblical Times to the Global Era.” I enjoy very much interacting with both Senior and Junior members at ICS as we try to make sense of the world and our places in it, as informed Christians from an engaged Reformed/Reformational perspective.



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