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Associate Professor of Leadership and Worldview Studies

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Something Worth Considering...

"There is no short-term wisdom." 

Léon Krier

About My Work

To slightly paraphrase my official position description: As Associate Professor of Leadership and Worldview Studies I teach, do research, and serve the wider community in, and at the intersection of, the fields of leadership and worldview studies, with an interdisciplinary approach that attends, in particular, to phenomenological and ethnographic methods of inquiry. I prioritize equipping students for the theoretically informed reflective practice of leadership as cultural contribution.

Most of my students are participants in the Educational Leadership stream in ICS’s MA program. I mentor students who emphasize school administration in their studies, and I regularly teach the following courses:

My current research interests are focused on the application of narrative inquiry to practice studies, with an emphasis on the reflective practice of leadership in organizations.

I’d love to talk with you if you want to come and study with us at the Institute for Christian Studies or if you are interested in my research!  Email me at so we can correspond or set up an online video or phone conversation.

For a little more, see my Twitter and Instagram accounts, and the group library that I maintain for my students and colleagues on Zotero.

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